Choose Your Path when you run or walk 100km in April

Take on the challenge. Raise funds as you go.

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You’re invited to walk or run 100 kilometres this April and help raise vital funds for people who are blind or have low vision. Sound fun? Good. The thing is, you have to take a different route each time you go.

Having to plan out your path every time you set out your front door is a reality when living with blindness or low vision. Choose Your Path challenges you to stop, consider your movements and assess the impact it has on your life.

Go on. This April, challenge your creativity and empower our community to choose their own path in life.

Image shows: illustrated image of woman walking with a seeing eye dog, man walking and woman running with tree in background.

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Plan out your paths with our Path Planners as you make your way to at least 100 kilometres

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To empower Australians with who are blind or have low vision to choose their path in life.

Share your path

Share your different paths over the month of April, use #ChooseYourPath @visionaustralia 

Images shows blind ban running tethered to sighted guide

“Exercise keeps you positive. It’s a wonderful thing, the endorphins that you get from exercise are so invigorating and uplifting.” Mick, 67-year-old blind para-triathlete

Show your path #ChooseYourPath

Image shows: Social sharing banner of people sharing their path. Image 1 Lady with seeing eye dog, crouching down and siming at camera with beach track leading down to the beach in background. Photo 2 Lady going for a walk in a park and talking a selfie smiling and giving a peace sign. Photo 3 Man and woman going for a run in the city.