20 Strangers, 20 Hello's A Day Until World Sight Day 2020

By Tahnee Ineson

My Challenge for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I’m fundraising to help give the gifts of freedom and independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

There is a growing number of Australians living with vision loss. I'm fundraising to support them to live the life they choose.

Everyone is going through something you know nothing about. Often most of us go to work and come home and we may talk to a cashier or assistant that is working or serving us at a restaurant, but how often do you stop and talk to a complete stranger and say hello?

 I will break down that barrier for the days leading up to World Sight Day by saying 'hello' to 20 people a day until World Sight Day 2020. My mission is to fundraise for people who are blind or vision impaired so it can be acknowledged that paying attention and saying ‘hello’ to a stranger is one of the bravest and kindest acts you can do. My passion for this cause also stem's from my own personal struggle with having a minor vision issue that I found left me quite vulnerable and frightened of the changes. It's a dedication to my volunteer group as a Digital Mentor for Vision Australia, and the thought of making a difference to people's lives inspires me to do this. 

 It also sparks a force inside of me that talking to a stranger may help brighten their day and I see great value in that. I have the opportunity to make someone smile as I am completely put on the spot and other's are often in a bubble of their own focused on their day. I want to challenge myself as my emotions tend to take over my thoughts and if your following me on this, it’s quite daunting when it comes to speaking to a total stranger. So this challenge couldn’t come at a better time. With school holidays in action and covid restrictions lifting I am confident I can challenge myself to do this and raise funds for blindness and low vision is something I am passionate about. 

From day One you will see me struggle to interact with strangers especially when I need to say 'hello' to 20 strangers a day until World Sight Day, pay them a compliment, strike conversation or just simply ask how they are. From Today 24th of September 2020, I have 15 days until the 8th of October which is World Sight Day.

Hopefully I will be well confident by then and pass with flying colours. The more money I raise the better the conversation with strangers as it will give me the power and confidence to keep going!  Please help me achieve this goal to raise $10,000 until World Sight Day to support people with blindness and low vision.

Please DONATE now to make a secure online donation and secure a brighter future for Australians who are blind or have low vision.

Thanks so much for your support.


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Friday 25th September to Thursday 08th October 13:30 - 20:00

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Lee Dransfield

Akima and I are proud of you Tahns. Keep up the good work, any money you make is money someone needs to help them.




Evan + Fliss

We can't imagine a life without having the use of our vision, hoping you smash your goal! Go T :-) xox



Good on you Tahnee! Legend


Cheryl Ineson

Go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Your beautiful nature will draw people to you. Good luck. Mum and Dad Ineson xxx


Gary Stramlic

So proud of you Tahns


Terry Geisler

hi Tahnee,keep up the great work for a great cause,


Pat Mcentee

Awesome work Tahnee! You did an amazing job for a great cause.


Tahnee Ineson


Doug Ineson

You’re the kindest soul I know ❤️❤️❤️


Kara & Mick

Yay Tahnee! ❤️


Sonja Crawford

Proud of you Tahnee xx



It was great seeing you spreading the message for Vision Australia! You’re an inspiration, keep going!!


Anastasia Gougoustamos

well done Tahnee! xx


Melissa Pulo

I’m so proud of you . You have a warm natural ability to talk to people, never loose that warmth , compassion and kindness Tahnee it’s who you are xxx


Emma Mcmurtrie

Good luck with your goal x Your doing an amazing job. Keep going....x


Nanna Fenton

Good luck Tahnee,xx



What a fantastic effort, congratulations Tahnee. See you on Zoom!


Rob Parish

They say a stranger is just a friend you haven't met. So enjoy being Canberras new social butterfly!




Sally Thompson




Rachel Campbell

Amazing work darl!! Xxx


Jai Crawford

Go Tahnee xx



Keep going girl you got this! Stranger Danger is not real