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The Year in Numbers

We are so grateful to the thousands of like-minded fundraisers who helped make this incredible impact for our blind and low vision community possible. We couldn’t support as many people as we do without your most generous support. So many people have been helped in so many ways.

Each year, we provide vital support to people who are blind or have low vision of all ages and circumstances. We provide these supports at home, in the workplace, at school and universities, and in the wider community.

Here’s just some of what we have achieved in the past 12 months, all while working in partnership with the blind and low vision community.


Total clients


hours of service delivered


hours of Telelink


hours of orientation and mobility training


children and young people clients


hours of recreation and community


hours of children and young people services


hours of assistive technology support


hours of occupational therapy support

Some highlights from 2022-2023

Supporting our child and young adult clients

In June of this year, we launched
our Life Ready program, a significant enhancement to how we support children and young people who are blind or have low vision and their families.

Life Ready is all about making sure that children and young people have the skills they need to build strong foundations to achieve meaningful participation in society, with a focus on life-long employment.  

Staying connected with older Australians

This year was the launch of a new emotional
wellbeing program for people aged 65 and over. Co-designed with our clients, the program aims to support improved life satisfaction, with clients receiving regular “check in” calls from our Wellbeing team. 

We were delighted that 195 clients participated in the six-month pilot program in the first half of 2023, and we hope to reach our goal of over 1,500 clients
joining the program in the next 12 months.

Vision Australia was grateful to receive approximately $43.9 million in public charitable support this year from a variety of sources and supporters. No matter how small or large, your donation goes a long way to supporting people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose.

Fundraising provides Vision Australia with a significant proportion of our annual operating turnover, so we couldn’t support as many people as we do without your most generous contributions. Every one of us at Vision Australia greatly appreciates your contribution. 

Read more about your impact in the Annual Report 2022-2023. 

Building Positive Impact Together

Every dollar you raise helps achieve a positive impact for people living with blindness and low vision to live their lives with the independence they seek. That in turn promotes real social inclusion.

Emotional support logo

Emotional support and groups for social inclusion

Occupational therapists logo

Occupational therapists for independence

Mobility specialists to stay safe and get around

Orthoptists to assess functional vision and make recommendations

Education and employment support to achieve aspirations

Aids and equipment from our shop to improve daily living

My Aged Care and NDIS experts to maximise funding

Technology and training to stay connected

Early intervention, children's and adolescents' specialised services

Seeing Eye Dogs for independence

Audio books and library for leisure and learning

Helpful information and advice for clients and families

When vision loss starts to impact daily life, it’s time to call Vision Australia. We are vision loss experts and work with people of all ages to maximise their remaining vision. With your support we help people achieve independence, stay safe and increase their ability to participate in everyday life.

For more information:

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