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I’m taking on the 100K Your Way challenge! We often take exercise for granted, but for someone who is blind or has low vision a walk or a run isn’t always easy. That’s why, to help raise funds to support people who are blind or have low vision stay active and independent, I'll be running or walking 100K over the month of April. 

Please DONATE to my page now by clicking the DONATE button. Together, we can help raise funds to support people who are blind or have low vision keep independently mobile. 

Thanks so much for your support.

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Concussion for the last leg

With only a few days left to go I received a head injury! So much so that I have had a headache lasting multiple days and needed to rest inside with the blinds down as outdoor light was too jarring. Despite this, I pushed through at the end and managed to cross that 100k line (even if it wasn't a proper run, as I couldn't quite handle my brain jiggling around in my skull :D). As someone who isn't an avid runner, this month has been an incredible journey!


Wow, $266 raised so far! Thank you to everyone who chipped in and contributed to this fundraiser. ~10 days left to go and one last final push to 100K!  

Country Tracks

Running along country tracks I rolled my ankle, and realised that I've still got half of the month to go and need to be a bit more careful :D

Strava hasn't been syncing!

Only now have I realised that Strava hasn't been automatically syncing to my page, so I've had to manually upload all of my work up until this point! Regardless, I'm on track and at the halfway point I'm feeling better than ever!

The past 2 weeks of running I have been doing up in the country, so the ground's been steep and rocky (see the image), but the airs been refreshing.

Unexpected start to 100k your way!

In an unexpected turn of events, my tram stopped on the way to work today! This kick-started my first day of running with ~1.5k. After work I decided why not and ran another ~2.5k back to the train station. Jogging in suit pants & dress shoes in the city wasn't comfortable, but it was a good start to 100k you way!

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