Tandem ride from Bundaberg to Redcliffe

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My Challenge for Vision

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

My name is William (Bill) Watson, I am legally blind and live in the Redcliffe area. I have been involved in tandem cycling with my support workers and have been working up to do a ride from Bundaberg to Redcliffe to raise much needed funds for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia.

This is something that is close to my heart. The government portion of funding for Seeing Eye Dogs and Vision Australia is limited and capped annually. I have recently been fortunate enough to receive my beautiful seeing eye dog, Vanessa. Not only has Vanessa been my eyes, but she has also been a wonderful and loving companion for me during some of my darkest times. Having a seeing eye dog has given me a new lease on life and it is something I believe every visually impaired person should have access to if needed. Sadly, due to a lack of funding, this is not something that everyone is able to access.

Considering this, I am doing a fundraising tandem ride of my own volition from Bundaberg to Redcliff from 26 August to the 8 September 2021 to raise money for “Seeing Eye Dogs Australia”. My mission is to raise $10,000 plus, this will contribute to the costs of a seeing eye dog for someone in need and change their life like it has changed mine.

When I ride tandem with my support worker it gives me a sense of fulfilment and freedom that I never used to have. I have found my passion and I now want to use it to give back to those in need.

I am seeking support by way of donations, sponsorship, or promotion to create awareness around my fundraising tandem bike ride. 

I would love to hear from you regarding this and would appreciate any support you can offer. I can be contacted via email at Bill_22@optusnet.com.au or on my mobile number 0403 247 279.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Watson   

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You got this Bill!


Cameron Watson


David Gray

Thanks for inviting me to pilot your bike


Linda Bice

Best of luck Bill and safe riding. A very inspirational story.


Lisa & Matt

Have a wonderful Ride !


James, Any, Icarus And Pluto

Great effort Bill and your team for participating in this ride. We know you will do a great job and we will be cheering you on.


Lisa Trendell

Good luck Bill, have fun. Love your passion!




Qld Health Level 10 Block 7 Rbwh

Bill all the best from Linda and Chris Hewitt and all the team from Qld Health Block 7


Katie Sexton


Matt Downey

Great work, Bill! Inspirational stuff! Matt ;)


Matt Reed

Good luck Bill, you'll crush it mate! From your physio Matt


Angela And Aria

Good luck Bill. 🙂



Sounds like an amazing challenge! Good luck and please give Nessy a pat from me :)


Amanda Sheppard

Great cause! Well done Bill :)



All the best. Have a good trip.


Adrian Kelly

Good Luck Bill, from Adrian the Physio


Peter Cracknell

Wishing you warm northerly winds at your back !


Tell & Dan

Good luck and ride safe!!


Janice Sultana

Good luck brother. Stay safe.


Luke Pozzoli

Good luck Bill!



Great work, Bill!! Good Luck!


Lara Wingreen

Good luck on the ride Bill!!


Mell And John

I am so proud of you dad! You're amazing!


Bill Watson


Tracy Liston