Bespoke Braille Bookmarks

By Kiara Risnes

My LEAP for Vision

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I am taking the LEAP

Hi, my name is Kiara Risnes. I am a student in Yr 11.

I am participating in a program called LEAP which is helping me develop the skills and confidence I need for future employment. 

As part of this program we need to conduct a fundraiser and I have chosen to create and sell personalised braille bookmarks. Braille is important to me as it is my way of accessing information. It is a form of writing that people don't get to experience much and I want to change that. By ordering one of my personalised bookmarks, I get to share a bit of Braille with you. The bookmarks are  $10 each.

Through my fundraiser I hope to raise money to support Vision Australia and the LEAP program.

If you are interested in buying one of these bespoke braille bookmarks and supporting my fundraiser, please send me an email with the name you want me to braille on it -limited to one name per bookmark. Please also include the address I should send it to. (The design of the bookmark will be randomly selected unless otherwise specified) Payments can be made via the “donate” button. My email address is 

Please DONATE if you can!

Thanks so much for your support.

Event Information

Saturday 23rd April 12:00 - 12:00

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Thank you to my Supporters


Kathy Wyber

All the best Kiara, only great things ahead for you


Meaghan Gittoes (bardia Public School)

You are an inspiration Kiara. Hard to believe you are in Year 11 already ... doesn't feel that long ago that you were at primary school


Wilhelmina Van Der Staal

I am proud of you


Ana Levar

Oops! Forgot my order.


Aksel Risnes

I want 6 pcs of the very nice bookmarks. Can you put the follow names on: Ludvig, Victor, Casper, Leona, Marit and Aksel?


Andreas Risnes

Keep up the good work! You are making the world a better place!


Kath White

Amazing Kiara. Looking forward to gifting your beautiful bookmarks and keeping one for myself.


Andrew Thomasson

Hi Kiara, Excellent idea to help support your dreams. Keep up the great work!


Kelly Zeeman (bardia Public School)

You are an inspiration Kiara. Keep up the good work!


Ms Williams

Keep up the awesome work Kiara!


Chantelle Mccarthy


Kelly Jones


Adele Nilsen

Great work Kiara!


Gjermund Risnes

Best of luck with your fundraising Kiara!


William Siow


Ana Levar

Nice work, Kiara.


Henkela Paasila

I think you’ll be very busy making bookmarks, Kiara. I’m looking forward to using mine in the next book we read together. What a great idea! Love, Aunty Henkela


Christina Mateus

Well Done Kiara! You are an AWESOME LEUMEAHN!!!!


Mrs Christophers


Donna-the Office Lady :)

You are an inspiration to so many! Keep up the great work! Best of luck for the future!


Nina Attard

Amazing effort, Kiara! Wishing you lots of success in the program.


Siobhan Necic


Julia Nooit


Carly Morgan

Amazing work, Kiara! So very proud of you 😊 From Miss Morgan




Yvette King

You're amazing. Love, Mrs King.


Catherine Keen


Juan Ibanez

Kiara go for it From Juan



Great work!


Christa Vo



Well done!


Susu Paasila

This is really great Kiara, best of luck!




Mel Maxwell

Best of Luck Kiara xx




Ms Lemos

All the best.



Nice work Kiara!!


Jo Siebrecht