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By Lacey B

My Sale for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

Hello, I’m part of a program for Vision Australia, called LEAP. We are currently fundraising for our alternative camp program (since we can’t go on the actual camp). I am going to be doing dares. All funds can be paid using the donate now button or paid via cash. Anyone wishing to pay cash, please contact me for details.

All pictures will be posted on Instagram and emailed to the person daring and all videos will be posted on Instagram and youtube. Thanks for supporting!

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$1.00 dares – Arty dares

1.       I will draw my Dad as a lizard

2.       I will draw my Mum as a pie

3.       I’ll draw a picture with only three colours, you choose the colours

4.       I’ll draw a picture with my left hand

5.       Draw a picture with my foot

6.       I’ll shut one eye and draw a cat (10 points if you chose the correct eye and I have to draw blind!)

7.       I’ll draw a picture of you as a puppy

8.       I’ll draw one of my characters as an animal

9.       I’ll draw your favourite character as an animal

10.   I’ll draw a picture without taking my hand off the page

11.   I’ll draw a picture without taking my hand off Paige

12.   Paint a picture using sauce

13.   I’ll draw a picture of rain

14.   Name three words, I’ll create a character with them.

15.   Name your favourite flower and I’ll draw it

16.   I’ll draw a picture of a house using only circles

17.   I’ll draw a picture of your pet

18.   I’ll draw my original character in 1min.

19.   I’ll draw a picture of an animal using only squares

$1 dares – at home dares

20.   I’ll read the first 4 lines of my book on you tube

21.   I’ll read page 15 of the closest book to me

22.   I’ll play hide and seek with Adele

23.   I’ll take a selfie wearing a weird hat

24.   Choose any 3 of the items in my fridge and I’ll make a delicious drink

25.   I’ll drink the drink I made in 24.

26.   I’ll brush my teeth with

27.   I’ll cut one of the edges of my front lawn with scissors

28.   I’ll create a Facebook account so I can like every photo of yours for the past year

29.   I’ll talk for one minute without shutting my mouth

30.   I will read the back of a shampoo bottle

31.   Ill take a photo with my toilet

32.   I’ll hold my nose and read out all the homework I’ve been given for a week

33.   Ill make something out of the ingredients from my cupboard that you choose

34.   I eat the thing from 33

35.   I will give the drink in 33 to my sisters instead

36.   I will like every Instagram pic you have posted this year

37.   I will comment on every Instagram pic for the past year with “woooweee that’s a good pic” or “yeeehaaaaa”

$5 dares

38.   I’ll create a 10 second animation with you as a main character

39.   Send me a photo and I will create a picture of you

40.   I will draw a picture of your pet

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Christine L

Great idea for fundraising and your drawings are awesome!



Hilarious! Well done 😁


Amy Stancombe

Can I have an animation of Aria please? Xx


Adele B

Your the best Lacey! Selfie with the toilet, and a number 7


Heather Dixon

Can I please get $5 worth of 11 (sorry Paige), and can I bend the rules to get 4x 38, but as one 20sec animation of my 4 kids? You must not consult with Sam on how to portray his siblings! He is not a reliable source! (Unless it’s easier to do 4x animations, then do that... I have no idea how animations work... I’m old)


Michelle Nolan

You’re soooo funny xx x I love your list!! Also Claire is my sis 😍❤️ Thank you for raising money hun xx proud of you!!



27 please Lacey and post on Insta 😂😂 This will be so funny! Good luck :)


Denise Lucas

Hi Lacey, I want you to do dare no.1 draw your dad as a lizard! 😆



Just be yourself!


Claire N

Hi Lacey, can I please have have a drawing of a wattle? It's my favourite flower and I'm so excited to make it my computer background! Thank you! Your ideas have made me laugh so much, very creative!


Bek Russell

Great work Lacey! Love it xxx


Steph Mullins

Hi Lacey! The dares are great!!! Can I please have a drawing of my cat, Kora? Thanks!


Sara Boyle

I've paid for the last dare you did for me, plus now can you do- Dare 20, 22, 23, 13 and 40


Jacob F


Kat Ong



favourite flower - frangipani


Self Donation

Ok so self donation, no. 3