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My LEAP for Vision

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

Hi my name is Vani, I’m 16 and I’m a visually impaired artist.

I’m part of a program with Vision Australia called the LEAP program which assists young people who are visually impaired or blind like me to get the skills and confidence needed for the work force and leadership skills. 

For this program we will be participating in a camp to help us continue to build these skills and expand on them which is what this fundraiser is going to help fund, as well as any extra money going towards helping Vision Australia and all of the amazing things they do.

For this fundraiser I’ll be doing hand painted postcards of nature scenes for anyone who donates $10 or more.

How to get your postcard

  1. Donate $10 or more
  2. Fill out this form here to give me your address and any preferences you have as well as any other info (to be added)
  3. I’ll get to work on your postcard asap
  4. Once the fundraiser is completed (30th of June) I’ll start sending all the postcards out and will keep in contact via email with the progress of them.

Thank you so much for your support and stay safe <3>

If you want/need to contact me you can do so via email at

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Polly Goodwin

Hi Vani, What a brilliant idea for a fundraiser! I'm a Brit, and loving ALL of Australia's amazing nature, so surprise me!!