Twenty:Twenty Cents Challenge

By Ngaire Callaghan

My Own Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

Do you have twenty cent (20c) pieces hiding in your home? If so, I would like you to join my challenge of finding them and donating them to make a difference.

20 x 20c = $4.00

200 x 20c = $40.00

2000 x 20c = $400.00

After you have found the amount you would like to donate, bank the coins into your account from which you can then make an online secure tax deductible donation to my fundraising page.

I nearly forgot to mention..... please take a photo of all the twenty cent pieces you found before banking and post to my Facebook page.

....... if you live near me, I am happy to accept your coin and provide a tax deductible receipt...... just send me a private message to arrange this!

Event Information

Thursday 08th October to Tuesday 27th October

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Raised over $250

Thank you to my Supporters


Jen Redston

Great cause!



What a great idea. I found $14.20 in coins and am adding another $20 for good measure. I hope you like the photo. :)


Lorraine Hughes

Count me in! Good on you Ngaire. xx