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My LEAP for Vision

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I am participating in Vision Australia’s LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, Perform) 2021 Program, and I need your help!

LEAP is the employability and leadership program for young people at Vision Australia. The program educates people like myself about the skills we will need in the workplace, giving us our their best shot at a successful career. 

LEAP teaches us about understanding our values, how to speak with confidence, how to write a resume, how to submit a job application, and how to have a good job interview.

My next LEAP challenge is THIS fundraiser. I believe that, as a visually impaired person, words are my greatest ally. Therefore, I have based my fundraiser around the power of words. 

The handmade book marks and cards available on this page all boast inspirational, motivational and powerful quotes. My hope is that they will help you appreciate the power of "just a few words" as much as I do. 

All proceeds from the sale of these products go toward bettering the LEAP program, and any extra donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much for giving us our best chance. 

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Tuesday 11th May

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