Bonnie's Story 

Last year Kate and her husband Jack participated in 100K Your Way to help support their daughter Bonnie. When she was only two weeks old they noticed that Bonnie’s vision was not tracking the way she should and was referred to an ophthalmologist and connected with Vision Australia. 

Bonnie was diagnosed with oculomotor apraxia, a neurological disorder that causes problems with voluntary horizontal eye movement. Children with this condition have difficulty moving their eyes in a desired direction.

One year later, Kate and Jack are taking on 100K Your Way once more. They love being active and outside and are looking forward to raising funds to help support other children who are blind or have low vision like Bonnie and families like theirs who require the support of Vision Australia. 

"Vision Australia were there to support our family during a difficult time. There were a lot of questions regarding Bonnie's vision and what the future looked like for her. Having the amazing staff at Vision Australia provide us information, ideas and guidance through it all really made a difference to our experience and we are very grateful" Kate shares. 

Image of a family sitting in front of the Christmas tree with their dog and child

 About Vision Australia 

Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. We work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life.

We support more than 25,500 people of all ages and life stages, and circumstances. We do this through 35 Vision Australia centres in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia; and through outreach programs in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and a major participant and partner in the international blindness community.

You can read more about Vision Australia on the website here.