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This November (11-16) a passionate group of supporters will take on the Seeing Eye Dogs: Bay of Fires Adventure where they will embark on a journey of a lifetime trekking Tasmania’s iconic Bay of Fires. Globally renowned for its breathtaking vistas, idyllic beaches and mountainous terrain, the trail is peppered with rock formations and wetlands inhabited only by native birds, animals and spectacular flowering plants. A favourite around the globe, this trek is a must on any hiking enthusiast’s bucket list.

Most significantly, by participating in Seeing Eye Dogs: Bay of Fires Adventure, each participant will raise vital funds for Vision Australia to help care for and train pups to become Seeing Eye Dogs and make a big difference to Australians who are blind or have low vision. 

Find out more about Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs puppy and training program and how funds raised will create a huge difference to people who are blind or have low vision, watch the video here

This life-changing adventure will be hosted by Soulful Concepts. 

To help this amazing group of supporters reach thier goal and help breed, care for and train more future Seeing Eye Dog pups, please donate today.

Search for a fundraiser or make a donation on Janey's Seeing Eye Dogs puppy in training page below to sponsor a pup. Thank you!

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