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My School Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

You know me as Rosie, Year 11 student and member of the student leadership team at Turramurra High School. But I'm also an advocate for young people with low vision. 

THS is holding a vision impairment day on the 14th of June 2023 with events such as a non-uniform day and raffle to raise money for Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs in order to increase awareness and inclusivity within the community. This page is a donation site for further donations to help support the cause as something important within the community. 

I feel it's really important to raise awareness, as vision impairment is often overlooked within communities, especially with young people, and I would like to bring attention to the cause. Seeing eye dogs can open up the world for people who have low vision. Society doesn’t really know much about VI, and definitely doesn't know about all the rights and responsibilities for people who use seeing eye dogs. I want to change that.

Supporting this cause will raise awareness, and ultimately ensure greater inclusion in our community. Please help by donating through this site before, during and after the date!

Thank you on behalf of the THS and VI community,


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Monday 01st May to Friday 30th June

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Fundraising Event Success

Today Turramurra High School had its Vision Impairment awareness day, featuring a non-unfirm day, assembly with guest speakers Rolf Gerlings and Jess McKenzie as well as the raffle draw and announcement of the jelly bean jar winner. All was a great success and I am so happy with how the day has turned out and all the support the school has given me in getting this event to happen. Thank you all to those who supported this fundraising event! Keep sharing the link with others so we can help raise more money for Vision Australia Seeing Eye dogs and promote Vision Impairment awareness within communities!

Thank you to my Supporters


Turramurra High School

Funds raised from a raffle, non uniform day and an assembly. organised by Rosie and the school leadership Team.


Lois Berry

Very proud of you Rosie. Love Grandma xx


Janine Beal

Rosie—your American cousins are so amazed by your bravery in the clinical trial as well as your efforts to help young people with low vision. Hope to see you sometime In Massachusetts sometime. Much love to you and your family.


Mum & Dad

Proud of you for being such a wonderful advocate. Good work!


Anni Gardiner

Well done Rosie on all your work and goodluck with the fundraising



Good on you Rosebud.


Steph And Katie

Congratulations on your fundraising Rosie! We are so proud of what you have achieved. Love Steph and Katie


Max Kelly

Love Max xx


Charlie Carolyn And Mike Spicer

good for you! from your Aussie cousins Carolyn, Mike and Charlie


Boris W

Good luck with achieving your goal


Gma Cheley And Gpa

Great initiative Rosie. Lots of love from GMa Cheley and GPa


John Looker

Hope this helps . Great Grandpa



Good luck Rosie. X


Ms. Ellam


Looker Stephen

Good luck with your project Rosie girl. Much love GUS and Michael.xx


Miss Waugh

Rosie, you’re a superstar!


Maple May Bannerman

Puppies are forever!!!


Mrs Anna Trayner

What a great advocate you are for those with a vision impairment.


Mrs Wilson


Mr Roberts

Outstanding work Rosie! Thank you for your amazing efforts, Mr Roberts.


Marie Brown




Amy Laurence

Happy Birthday Rosie and well done on your incredible work in raising awareness on this! You’re amazing!!


Esther Bannerman


Martina Fox

You rock Rosie!



Amazing work Rosie! You are an awesome advocate for young people with low vision, and well done on your work here as well as at school.


Amelia Claire

Good luck My sister 😍😍 Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️


Evelyn Stevenson