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I’m taking on the 100K Your Way challenge! We often take exercise for granted, but for someone who is blind or has low vision a walk or a run isn’t always easy. That’s why, to help raise funds to support people who are blind or have low vision stay active and independent, I'll be running or walking 100K over the month of April. 

Please DONATE to my page now by clicking the DONATE button. Together, we can help raise funds to support people who are blind or have low vision keep independently mobile. 

Thanks so much for your support.

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My Updates

Weekend without walkies

Doctor has advised me to take a break. Frustrated would be putting it mildly. 

Hopefully a weekend of rest will lead to a positive outcome. 

Shuffling along

Still dealing with the CRPS flare along with the chain reaction of problems it's triggered. Today's 3k was a mix of walking to and from the bus as well as a very slow shuffle to Petbarn. Slight improvement on yesterday so here's hoping I'm back to walking more soon. 

Mid-month mishaps

Had physiotherapy this morning and he's inadvertently triggered a CRPS flare. My right leg is excruciating, as is my pelvis and hip, and I can't walk properly. Attempted a dog park walk and was in too much pain to walk back. Bowie had a great time, our new friends got us home safe. Hoping to sleep the worst of this off.


Hit the ¾ mark. New park friends helped solve the mystery of why Bo is going grey - he wears bells and the enamel has worn off. Also think I got a little sunburn, not feeling 100% since getting home. 

🚂 I think I can

Thank you all who have supported me! Bo and I stopped to rest as a train was passing. Changed my original plans for the day when I woke up exhausted. Instead of going out we had a fairly relaxed amble.


Rain or shine...

After such a huge weekend this week started with appointments. We could have stayed home but Bo had definitely earned some downtime despite the weather so off to the dog park we went.


Bobo and I met Jodie Whittaker today! We spent the weekend zipping between buildings and talking to lots of people.

Day Four

Bo and I ventured out on tram, train and bus. He guided me to my appointment then to the nearby pet shop before we stopped for lunch at a cafe south friends. Also managed a spot of shopping - and we did get to the dog park but I'm not counting that as we got a ride. He's already taken himself to bed, I think he's got the right idea.

Day Three

Dog park! A Golden Retriever sitting on a log

Day Two

Day One

Weather hasn't been great today so our walk was a leisurely amble around the local shopping centre. 

Bowie did have to work in the rain for a few minutes, which I'm sure he'll pay me back for. 

Building up to 100k

We had a minor setback (sprained ankle) but we're back on track for next month. Bobo, Romeo and Zelda had fun at the dog park and are now home to rest.

First walk!

I took seeing eye dog Bo and retired Ro to the dog park for a quick play before it got too hot. Bo likes the agility equipment while Ro was happy I took a ball for him.

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